Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need these x-rays?
Your doctor has determined that your care will be enhanced by a more comprehensive and detailed visualization of your teeth and the surrounding areas. We will be providing your doctor with advanced and specific images that cannot be obtained with routine and customary dental x-rays.
Should I be concerned about the radiation exposure?
The American Dental Association advises doctors to adhere to the ALARA Principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) when prescribing x-rays. By prescribing x-rays your doctor has decided that the diagnostic and treatment planning benefits, outweigh the risks associated with additional radiation exposure. We have carefully chosen to include a full range of the most current and state of the art radiographic imaging equipment and techniques to insure that patients receive the highest quality imaging at a comparatively low radiation dose for each procedure.
Do appointments need to be scheduled in advance?
Although we can often accommodate last-minute appointments, we request that appointments be scheduled in advance.
What is the cost?
The price will depend upon the services that your doctor orders. We are happy to provide you with a fee estimate prior to your appointment.
Can you bill my insurance?
At this time we are a fee for service imaging center. We are not insurance providers and as a result, insurance companies do not pay us directly for services. We will provide you with information which you may submit to your insurance carrier and they will reimburse you directly for services that they cover.
When will I know the results?
After your appointment, we prepare the images in your doctor’s preferred delivery format. This process usually takes a few days. We will make sure that your doctor has received the images with adequate time to interpret them prior to your next appointment with your doctor.
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